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DevOps/Software Engineer| Consulting | Mentoring | |


  • Александр Кудряшов

    Александр Кудряшов

  • Neha Rao B

    Neha Rao B

  • Nick Manitsas

    Nick Manitsas

  • Tola Ore-Aruwaji

    Tola Ore-Aruwaji

    Software Craftsman. DevOps & Cloud Advocate.

  • Georgios Bamparopoulos

    Georgios Bamparopoulos

  • Sergio Nuan

    Sergio Nuan

    Tech and Science. Enterpreneur . Mechanical Engineer and Youtube creator

  • Upasana Sharma

    Upasana Sharma

    Usui reiki master • Shamanic healer • Empowerment coach • Podcaster • Writer • Polyglot • Teacher • Entrepreneur •

  • Altaaf Aboo

    Altaaf Aboo — Join my private newsletter and I’ll give you free access to my short video course on how to make more profits by not competing

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