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“Explore, Learn, Teach, Mentor, Expand” — My motto.

“Who are you”?

Hello! I am Stelios. I am from Greece and I have been living in the UK for about 8 years. Before I settle here, I’ve lived in Madrid, Spain. I speak 4 languages (Greek, English, Spanish, German) and I am making my first steps with Russian — very soon.

“What do you do”?

Workwise, I am a consulting software engineer interested in software development & automation. Currently I am working on a large Telco softwarisation project. Lately I have been focusing on skilling up and sharing my findings. This is why I have started writing on Medium too. …

Financial Operations (FinOps) is a culture that will help you creating cost awareness in your organisation!


Companies are moving their computing capacity to the cloud in order to benefit from the fact that the systems are managed (outsourced) by a 3rd party e.g. AWS, Azure, Google cloud etc. Efficient architecture is always the focus, however, due to a rush or uninformed decisions, various companies have been in a position where the spending on cloud services was too high. The amount spent on the cloud is sometimes that high that the choice to migrate to the cloud is disputed… Therefore, step 1 in the process of reducing the costs is analysing the existing expenditure on the cloud…

Critical thinking software professionals should adapt like chameleons!

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

I am a member of the, a greek speaking digital community, where software engineering, agile and designing professionals discuss everything about their ongoing work and share their thoughts about future concerns.

A member asked the following question (translated from Greek):


Good afternoon! I have a question and I would like us to discuss with you about it. Have you ever wondered how far is our software engineering profession going to go? I would like to find out whether you see it in an optimistic way, since day by day more and more automated tools are created. …

This talk was delivered during the internal Reply conference, Xchange 2021. In this article, we are going to start with some theoretical concepts and then, in another article, we will explain in a more practical way by showing the results of our demo during the conference.

In the previous article (1/2), we have discussed the theory of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code. …

This talk was delivered as part of the internal Reply conference, Xchange 2021. In this article (1/2) we are going to start with some theoretical concepts and then, in another article, we will explain in a more practical way by showing the results of our demo during the conference.

We will start by talking about automating the infrastructure for a 5G networking solution. Network disaggregation is going on as we are moving towards the 5G network deployments and automation at different levels has become an important challenge. Technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker are helping to meet this type of…

A quick glimpse at the two most popular open-source IaC tools

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

For many years, network and hardware engineers struggled to install and configure servers and other networking devices. In the past decade, following the big surge of the cloud, these activities were deprecated due to the move to the cloud.

Photo by Ian Battaglia on Unsplash

Nowadays, it’s also become a lot simpler for the software engineers to design, build and power up the required infrastructure. All they have to do is requesting a virtualised component and pay for the relevant Cloud charges. Infrastructure as Code was born out of this situation. AWS with its IaC tool, called Cloudformation, wanted to…

AWS announced a new challenge; to set a goal for earning AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate. The only requirements is to fill out the form here and plan the…

FinOps is an interesting and very important topic for many organisations. Following the unexpected traction received by my previous two blogposts about “Killing AWS resources to save money” (here and…

I managed to cut my billing down to what I really expected and I only had to use obvious steps and certain tools. I was not aware for most of them…

I had a bad experience with AWS, but it was not their fault!

I followed various online tutorials on how to continuously deploy my infrastructure using Terraform and Gitlab CI.

However, I closed my computer and left everything running for 3 days!

When I remembered it, I was already been charged for running 8 EC2 instances within an EKS cluster. I terminated them.

The bill kept climbing. I turned off the autoscaling groups. The bill kept climbing. I figured out another 16 EC2 instances were running in Oregon and Virginia (I am based in London)!

More advice on not getting charged for unneeded resources

I have recently written a blog post about a sad situation where I received an unexpected bill from AWS. That was because I made the mistake to follow three different tutorials on EKS deployment with Terraform which resulted in the creation of EC2 instances in 3(!) different regions. That was mainly my fault as I did not pay attention to the autoscaling groups setup and everything kept starting up again and again, even after I was terminating the instances and the cluster itself.

I decided to write a follow-up because of the amazing feedback I received from many people on…

Stelios Moschos

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